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“Taking calls from Haron and his courses was really a transformative experience. Haroon’s clear, engaging teaching style and deep industry knowledge have significantly boosted my understanding and enthusiasm for Indie game Dev. Haroon was also incredibly supportive, always ready to answer questions and provide feedback.”

Mike F.

My journey in game development began as a dream, fueled by a deep-seated passion for storytelling and interactive games. Over the years, I dedicated myself to learning every facet of the craft, from programming and design to game full release culminating in the release of my own game. This milestone not only marked the realization of a personal dream but also the beginning of a new chapter where I can give back to the community.

Through my courses, I aim to equip aspiring developers with the knowledge and skills they need, sharing the lessons learned from my experiences and the joy of bringing imaginative worlds to life.

Discover the untold side of indie game development with our courses, Dive deep into essential topics rarely covered, from managing your studio to launching your game. 

Join us and begin your unique journey today and turn your game development dreams into reality.

Our courses stand out because they don't just teach game design; we guide you through the intricacies of managing projects, teams, and finances that many overlook. With a focus on practical, actionable insights, our training prepares you for the entire journey, not just the development phase. 

Join us to gain the comprehensive skills and knowledge that set successful indie developers apart.